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Our Process.

Success is a journey, not a destination. We prioritize in learning your business inside and out while helping establish successful processes before adding software over them.

Throughout our process of working together, we encourage you to not hold back on feedback as it is crucial to our business and our relationship. Being an agile company, we always welcome change, even in late development. We harness change for your competitive advantage. 


We begin by sitting with your stakeholders and going over your entire organizational structure. We take as long as needed to understand your processes, priorities, goals, and unique challenges.

Our experts will take all that was learned from the discover phase into mind as they decide on the best way to implement. We will walk you through our proposed design, ensuring that we have a fundamental understanding of your requirements and that we have covered all your needs as we align on one solution.

This is where we build out our design. We use an agile methodology to help bring you satisfaction by early and continuous delivery. We turn our designs into specific actionable tasks and give you visibility into everything we are working on. 

Here we start to transition you into your new Salesforce organization. We will prepare personalized training material as well as help with change management and user adoption to make sure everything is properly tested and working as it should be. 

As you get used to your new org, we continue to monitor and analyze key indicators to make sure what we did aligns with your strategy. We encourage you to collect and provide customer and employee feedback to determine what could be next. 

We ultimately seek to create a lasting relationship with you as we become your trusted advisor in all things Salesforce. After our initial work together we would love to discuss how we can bring support and be of continued value to your firm. 

Tell us what you're working on. 

Let us help you build it with Salesforce! Not sure what were talking about? Click here to schedule a free consultation on how we can help you grow!

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